Conversation Cafe

Dearest Sketchnote Community, you’re invited!

Let’s meet, chat, listen, ask and laugh at the virtual conversation café.
I’ll offer the space, time and some prompts to connect with each other.
Drawing, sketching and doodling is also allowed of course 😉

If you’d like to join the event please enter your email into the form down below.
You’ll receive the zoom link the day before and I’ll reach out about future events.

Cannot wait to see old friends and make new ones!


Drop by for a chat with Sketchnote friends from all over the world!


For now, let’s meet on Saturday afternoon, so our American friends can also join us

Saturday, Oct 16 – 4 pm Berlin/ 10 am NYC

Saturday, Nov 13 – 4 pm Berlin/ 10 am NYC

Saturday, Dec 4 – 4 pm Berlin/ 10 am NYC

Questions & Answers

What is the meetup about?

The Conversation Cafe is a place to chat with friends.
Think of it like a reserved room in a nice café.
You come in, join a table to chat, then we switch tables to connect with even more wonderful people.

So no drawing?

You are of course free to doodle, sketchnote or draw as much as you like 😉

Do I have to write an email each time?

No, you don’t. You’ll get all the invitations and login links via this email list.

What if I can’t make it?

Absolutely no problem. We welcome you whenever you can make it.

My meeting before that might run longer!

Staying the entire hour is okay, joining late is okay, leaving earlier is okay.
And if you just hop in for 15 min, we’re glad to see you.

Someone asked me if they can join, can they?
I am missing someone here, can I invite them?

Sure, please have them write me an email to this address to put them on the email list.