Hello, my name is Marianne.

When the 4. International Sketchnote Camp in Brussels was postponed in 2020 due to Covid, I thought: how about we meet online? That was the birth of Sketchnote Connect and here we are, in 2022 meeting at Sketchnote Connect for the third time!

How I became part of the Sketchnote Community

In February 2016, I wanted to do something creative and participated in a free course called #28toMake where every day you got a different idea to draw and craft. These projects were my first posts on instagram and later I stumbled apon an online meetup about Sketchnotes. Everyone was so friendly, open, talented and gave support and encouragement to each other. We kept meeting and drawing together, I started to create sketchnotes at the agile conferences I went to and taught workshop on how to draw simple icons. At some point Rob Dimeo pinged a few of us via Twitter DM and asked: hey, Katharina will visit me here in Maryland, you want to come as well?

So I jumped into a plane and met these most wonderful people #IRL (in real life). Steve Silbert invited me to teach my workshop at his workplace, I was part of a panel that Prof Mike Clayton organized and then we spend 2 days learning from each other. It was a blast!

NIST Symposium, Feb 2017

Here we all are! Karen (@kforkish), Rob (@doodlingphysicist), Alan, Me, Catharine (@catharinemisook), Lorraine (@kasyan.lorraine), Mike (@profclayton), Katharina (@ktb_visual), Mike (@rohdesign), Gary (@pastorgarylau) and Steve (@stevesilbert).

Mike Rohde interviewed me for his Sketchnote Army podcast about how I connected my sketchnoting to my work as a (then) scrum master.

Mike Rohde & Me after our podcast interview

click on this picture to listen to my episode

Sketchnote Army Podcast S03E07

What started with this first meeting in the USA, became an evergrowing community of sketchnoters who meet once a year. I was honored to be part of the organizing team of the 1. International Sketchnote Camp in Hamburg in 2017 with Andrea Brücken @dieHauteCulture, Diana Soriat @DianaSoriat, Katharina Theis-Bröhl @theiskbt (picture below) and attended the 2. International Sketchnote Camp in Lisbon in 2018 #ISC18LX , the 3. International Sketchnote Camp in Paris in 2019 #ISC19FR and the 4. International Sketchnote Camp #ISC21BE which took place online, hosted from Brussels.

Organizing team International Sketchnote Camp 2017 in Hamburg, #ISC17HH